In the US, a man is only half as likely to be diagnosed with depression as a woman. That stark difference underscores a simple fact about depression in men: It often does not look like the mixture of sadness, lack of energy, and guilt that is commonly associated with depression. As a result, a man’s depression is often missed — by loved ones, by physicians, by the person himself.

Many depressed men complain of physical symptoms – sleep troubles, fatigue, and frequent aches and pains. At the same time, they may also bully and rage and accuse those around them of failing them. “Men are conditioned to believe that anger is an acceptable emotion for males”, says Dr. Stolyar, Director of Psychiatry at Boston Clinical Trials. “When women may curl up and cry, men are more likely to behave recklessly, drive fast, or seek confrontation”.

It is very important to recognize that the real cause of irritability and anger is often an underlying and undiagnosed depression. If you (or your loved one) often feel restless and cranky, if your tolerance level is low and your temper short, if everything and everyone get on your nerves, this is a warning sign you don’t want to miss. Please call us at (617) 477-4868 to schedule a free confidential consultation with a depression specialist.

Boston Clinical Trials is conducting several studies of new investigational medications for depression. Qualified participants receive all medications and tests free of charge and additional compensation for time and travel. To learn more about us and the depression studies we conduct, please call (617) 477-4868 or fill out the form online.