About Us at Boston Clinical Trials | Boston Clinical Trials


Thank you for your interest in Boston Clinical Trials. Our mission is to conduct safe and effective clinical trials to advance development of new medications. It is people like you who make new treatments possible. See the list on the right for our current Clinical Trials.

By participating in a Clinical Trial you may benefit from new investigational treatments that are not otherwise available to the public. You will also receive medical attention for the condition being studied as well as medical exams, laboratory tests, and procedures at no cost. Finally, you may receive financial compensation for your time and travel.

We hope this website will answer many of your questions and feel free to call us to learn more about clinical trials or to discuss any specific issues. We look forward to hearing from you!

Boston Clinical Trials is located in Roslindale near all public transportation. Free parking for those who drive. To accommodate your work schedule, evening appointments are available.