Everyone worries from time to time. But do you often feel like every little thing makes you sick to your stomach about possible failure? Do you ever have to wipe your sweaty palms before shaking hands with your boss? Or do you stay up half the night worrying about things that you can do nothing about anyways? – if so, you need to take action now.

 Start Right – Start Bright

 You wake up in the morning after a night of worrying if your boss likes you enough not to fire you, only to find you have overslept. You struggle with a decision whether to shave before or after breakfast; you agonize over what to put on today; you spend 20 minutes making up your mind to drive or take a bus — and you make it to the office already boiling. And here comes the boss…

No matter how great your day turns out to be, the chances are the stress of the morning will follow you around like a dark cloud. The solution? Put your mornings on autopilot! Every night before you go to bed make sure you know exactly what you are going to do in the morning. And I mean exactly, even down to what you will have for breakfast and what color shirt you will wear. Put important things like your keys and wallet somewhere you know you will find them. Avoid the need to make decisions in the morning! It might seem super dull, but having the morning routine will sure help reduce stress that builds up before you face your boss.

Take Breaks – You Are Not A Robot

Factory robots never get stressed. They work all day, every day, without a break, which is why the day that the machines finally take over the planet is looming ever-closer. But you are not a robot — you do need regular breaks. You might think that you don’t have time to take a break – but without regular breaks you are only going to get more stressed, everything will take twice as long, you will become tired and feel even more stressed, which means your work will be worse than it normally is…

See the pattern? Not taking time out causes more problems that stopping work for 10 minutes. You should use breaks to take your mind off whatever it is you are working on. Eat a light snack to keep your sugar levels up, but try to avoid drinking gallons of coffee in an effort to keep going as caffeine will only make your anxiety worse.

Why not take a walk outside and try to appreciate that there is more to life than the daily grind. Or have a chat with colleagues about something not related to work. You might even discover that Bob from accounting isn’t so bad after all.

Remember – Constant Anxiety Is Not Normal

If you are constantly worrying about stuff it is easy to see anxiety as just another part of life.  But remember: while some stress can actually motivate you to do your best, excessive anxiety is a serious medical condition. Fortunately, anxiety can be managed. Talk to your doctor or call us at (617) 477-4868 to schedule a free confidential consultation with an anxiety specialist.

Boston Clinical Trials is conducting several studies of new investigational medications for anxiety. Qualified participants receive all medications and tests free of charge and additional compensation for time and travel. To learn more about us and the anxiety studies we conduct, please call (617) 477-4868 or click here.