Guts, bowels, intestines – call them what you like, even in today’s free-wheeling, open-minded world, they’re not an acceptable topic for polite conversation. But everyone has them, and, like every other part of your body, they can go wrong. Ever feel like you need to go to the toilet but just can’t? Ever keep needing to go to the toilet and wish you didn’t? Or perhaps your pants feel like they have shrunk a couple of sizes after every meal? Below are some fixes you may want to try.

Listen to Your Body: “What Are You Shoveling into Your Mouth?”

If you are having trouble with your belly, it is best to think about what you are putting into it.

Just because that oversized fried chicken and fries washed down with 2 liters of cola taste nice, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be nice to your stomach later on. Listen to your body because it has something important to say. Like, “Don’t eat that!” This doesn’t mean you have to eat only lettuce for the rest of your life, but you should try to cut out foods that trigger your stomach problems. And hey, if you can’t face giving up your supersized morning coffee or that extra-large triple by-pass burger, you should at least aim to cut the size.

You Are Not In A Race — Put Down The Fork Once In A While!

If after every meal you feel like you’ve become a human balloon, squeaky-tight and ready to pop, changing the way you eat could be just the fix you need. If you wolf down your food at

200 mph, you will also gulp down a lot of air. All that air has to go somewhere and unfortunately for you, rather than going to your lungs it ends up in your stomach, causing bloating and pain. No matter how delicious that family-size bucket of chicken might be, try to make sure you eat it slowly, and take time to chew properly. Maybe even share it.

Remember – Bed Pizza Is Bad Pizza

Everyone loves a midnight feast. Is there anything more pleasing than the gentle glow of the refrigerator light as it illuminates the leftovers from dinner? Step away from the kitchen! Eating late at night can make any stomach problems much worse. You should try to avoid eating anything in the couple of hours before you go to sleep. Drink a glass of water before bed to help you feel full which will keep away the temptation to snack.

Don’t Brush It Off

If you are experiencing symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, and constipation/diarrhea more than occasionally – you may have a condition called IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is a serious medical condition, so it’s important that you speak with your doctor without delay. Or call us at (617) 477-4868 to schedule a free confidential consultation with a specialist. Treatments and medications are available to help reduce symptoms, so you can get on with enjoying your life.

Boston Clinical Trials is conducting studies of new investigational medications for IBS. Qualified participants receive all medications and tests free of charge and additional compensation for time and travel. To learn more about us and the IBS studies we conduct, please call (617) 477-4868 or click here.