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Suffer from Migraines in Boston?

Join our study and:

Receive all study-related tests, medication, and care free of charge

Earn compensation up to $1,000

Transportation, Meals, and Babysitting may be available

Personal Experiences

Participating in clinical trials at BCT is an important decision.  We depend on people like you to make new medications available.  Please read what other people think about their experience with BCT


"BCT made me feel welcome. They even sent a cab for me!”


"My experience with BCT has been great. The coordinators REALLY listen”


"I look forward to my visits to BCT. From doctors to receptionists, everybody is always friendly and supportive."

What our participants say:

Most who know me know I suffer from massive an multiple migraines. After a long time suffering with these and getting very frustrated because nothing seems to work, I resorted to doing a study with Boston Clinical Trials that had a new migraine medication. I can honestly say as of today that I have been headache free for two months solid. For those who don’t know I used to suffer from 15 to 20+ migraines a month small and large ones lasting several days. I can’t tell you how much this summer has been so amazing for me and my work as a photographer and my quality of life.❤️

FAQs: Clinical Research

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is medical research to study safety and effectiveness of a new drug or device. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses information gathered in clinical trials to evaluate new medications before approving them for use in the United States.

Who conducts a clinical trial?

Our professional staff consists of physicians, registered nurses, and clinical research professionals. Our medical professionals have extensive experience in evaluating investigational medications and treatment procedures.

What if I don't have Migraines?

If you don’t have Migraines, you won’t qualify for this study — but we have many other studies available for you. Check out current list here. Make sure to sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page to be the first to learn about the newest studies and bonuses we offer.

Will I be compensated?

In most studies, participants receive monetary compensation for time and travel required to participate in the study. The amount of compensation is set by pharma companies and is approved by Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). The exact amount you will receive per visit will be shown in the Informed Consent Form.  Additionally, in some studies you may be offered free transportation to and from appointments, free meals, and free childcare at the time of your visits.

What are the risks of participation in a trial?

Before conducting a clinical trial, pharmaceutical companies must obtain approval from the FDA to ensure that the investigational medication is appropriate to give to people.  Additionally, all study procedures are reviewed by an independent Investigational Review Board (IRB) before they are allowed to be administered. All this is done to ensure that the study is ethical and that the risks are as low as possible. However, since the study participants are among the first to try the investigational medication, the risk of unanticipated side effects does exist.  This is why the health of the people participating in the trials is continuously monitored and any serious side effects experienced by any of the people in the trial are promptly investigated.  If necessary, corrective actions, including termination of the trial, are taken.

When participating in a trial, please be attentive to your health and do report any unusual changes in your condition you may experience.

Do I qualify to participate?

Different studies have different enrollment requirements. Some studies are open only to healthy adults, other look for people with specific medical conditions, for instance, anxiety, depression, migraines, sexual dysfunction, etc. To determine whether you can enroll, we will ask several questions about your current health, your medical condition, and the medications you are taking.  The fastest way to do it is to fill out our online questionnaire.  If you meet the study requirements, we will schedule a call or an appointment for you to be evaluated by our staff.    

What can I expect during the clinical trial?

Below is the typical process for a clinical trial:

  • Screening interview – Information will be taken concerning your age, medical history, medications, and other preliminary questions to make sure you meet the study requirements
  • Informed consent – You will receive materials that clearly explain the nature of the study and how you will participate. Our research staff will tell you of any known risks or potential side effects. It is very important that you ask questions and read the consent form carefully. Please ask any questions you might have to fully understand the risks and benefits of your participation
  • Assessments and medication – Once you are enrolled in a study, you may have a study-related physical exam, receive the study medications, do laboratory tests, and other study procedures. During the course of the study, research team members will meet with you regularly to monitor your progress.

Can I change my mind?

Of course. Your participation in a research study is entirely voluntary, and you may withdraw from participation at anytime and for any reason. During your screening visit and throughout the study, we will completely explain the risks and benefits of your study. If you change your mind, you may withdraw.

How do I learn about new studies?

Make sure to sign up on our email list at the bottom of our homepage to be the first to learn about new studies and bonuses.

Will my information be sold to anyone?

Never. Any information you provide as a research participant is strictly confidential. It will not be sold and will be used only for the purposes of the research study.

What are my rights as a clinical trial participant?

Prior to Enrollment:

  • You have a right to be fully informed about potential benefits and risks of the trial
  • You have a right to be fully informed about the trial plan, i.e., number and duration of the visits, study procedures, etc.
  • You have a right to voice any concerns and ask any questions you might have about any aspect of the trial


After Enrollment:

  • You have a right to withdraw from the trial any time
  • You have a right to be treated with respect and attention
  • You have a right for compensation as indicated in the ICF


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