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Beat Depression With These 5 Secret Foods

Are you craving sweet, salty, and fatty foods when you are feeling down? French fries, anybody? And a milkshake to follow? If yes, you are not alone! When we are depressed, our brains are in overdrive in search for serotonin, a natural feel-good chemical our body produces. Salt, sugar, and fat in our food taste great and provide a feeling …
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Six Common Reasons for Being Tired You Don’t Want to Overlook

Being tired after a day of skiing is great. Being tired after a stressful job interview is normal. But feeling tired all the time is a warning sign – something is not going right in your life and in your body. Here are some of the common, but often overlooked, causes of tiredness you need to know about. • Sleep …
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Headache Triggers to Be Aware of (Hint: Stress and Red Wine are not the only ones)

For most people, completely avoiding headaches is likely impossible. Yet if you know the factors that trigger the attack, the frequency and severity of headaches could be substantially reduced.  Here are some of the less known factors to be aware of. – Long weekends. It is well known that lack of sleep can trigger headache.  However, the opposite is also …
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